House Tour: Victoria’s BoMo Pad

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Victoria (aka, sfgirlbybay — check out her blog here)
Location: Pacific Heights, SF
Size: Approximately 800 sq. ft.

Years lived in: 10 months.

Inspiration: It’s a hard question to answer specifically, because I get inspired in so many ways, by so many things. My talented friends and co-workers inspire me. This city and all its uniqueness is constantly giving me ideas. Crazy, mad art. Thought-provoking novels. Great fashion. Interesting thinkers. I think I am a very visual person, and perhaps I tend to notice the small details. It is always in the details. But sometimes I almost get overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas so I need a place to keep them so they don’t all tumble out of my head, a memory never to be recalled and brought back to life. I like to add my own twist to things, and think everyone should try to make things their own. So, to keep track of my thoughts and ideas I have my inspiration books. Simple, black journals with plain blank white pages – a canvas just waiting to get filled up with art, thoughts, color, anything that triggers a spark in me. I tear out of magazines, I glue in notes from people, make notes about films I’ve seen, or quotes I like, I sketch little ideas. Whatever gives me food for thought. And then I can look back at any time and recycle an old idea, or remember one that lay dormant. I started these books in 2004, after seeing a journal my friend Bob kept of his news clippings, interests, music… whatever. Ours are quite different, but that’s what makes his unique, and what ultimately inspired me to make one of my own… it’s really quite satisfying.

My style: Eclectic, “BoMo”: Bohemian Modern.

Favorite room: Living room.

Most talked-about element: Rico Suave – the portrait of ‘my boyfriend’ in my living room. He’s not really my boyfriend, but since I currently don’t have one, that’s what I call him.

Most embarrassing element: My kitchen tile – it’s hideous.

Proudest DIY: Stripping the white paint off an art deco buffet I found at a yard sale for $5 and refinishing it.

Dream source: Original Eames from anywhere.

Reality source: Alameda Flea Market.

Best advice: Make your place your own unique space. Don’t have Pottery Barn copy-cat type furniture that doesn’t reflect your personality. If you’re going to have a Pottery Barn type sofa, mix it with unusual and eclectic items to bring individuality to the room.

Found treasure: Vintage wicker chair I found on the side of the road.

Had forever: Cable Car painting by Flavia. My parents bought it at a grocery store parking lot art show in the 60’s and it hung in our house since then. My dad gave it to me when I moved to San Francisco.

Just got: A funky red metal shelf that I keep my jewelry boxes and accessories on.

Sources for bathroom fixtures, etc. (if redone): n/a

Sources for kitchen fixtures, etc. (if redone): I have limited kitchen space, so I added the pots & pan rack and magnetic knife holder from IKEA. Also added the metal magazine rack to keep my cooking magazines in and the vintage potato chip rack serves as a cookbook shelf and wine rack.

Thanks, Victoria!

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