House Tour: West 22nd Street

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thinking of buying a building? Then this house tour is for you. Starting this week we will be escorting the owner of this building through the renovation of this could-be-beautiful studio apartment on 22nd street.

As you can see, demolition started recently and what was an awkward one room studio is becoming a one bedroom (loft bed style) by taking advantage of the 14 foot ceilings. The owner is also attempting to do all the renovations in the building in an environmentally sound fashion (as he did with properties in San Francisco), and is finding it is easier to throw something out here than to repurpose it. In the Bay Area all plaster waste will be reused by the city, while no one in NYC wanted to take this apartment’s plaster from him. He finally succumbed on that one but is reusing all the wood in the apartment, along with more that he has found from a supplier in Brooklyn. For more on efficient wood use, including resources see The NRDC Guide to Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction.

We don’t believe in waste. We believe that the future lies in intelligent use and design that makes material no longer needed in one area, food for another area. Just like cherry blossoms. MGR