6 Things Everyone Forgets to Tell Their House Guests

published Nov 16, 2017
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One of the keys to being a good host? Anticipating your guests’ needs. When friends or family come to stay with you, you make sure they have clean sheets and towels and know where the bathroom and the garbage is — so you’ve got the basic important things covered. But there might be a few things that you’re forgetting to tell them (and for some of them, they might be too embarrassed to ask) that they should definitely know.

The next time you have guests staying with you, here are a few things you should be sure to let them know.

The Wi-Fi Password

Most people tend to ask for this one pretty soon after their arrival so they don’t eat through their phone’s data plan, but they also might forget and need it when you’re not around, so you’ll want to let them know up front. Your best bet? Write it down on a card or a piece of paper and display it prominently—either in their room, or in an obvious central location, like the fridge.

Where Extra Toilet Paper (and the Plunger) is

If you’ve ever been stuck in someone else’s house without enough toilet paper, or in need of a plunger but no idea where it is, you’ll know just how crucial this one is. It’s something we tend not to think about—or even want to talk about—but you should definitely either let guests know where to find them or just keep them out of storage, just in case.

Which Toiletries They Can Use

Your guests likely have brought some of their own toiletries (I never stay anywhere without the products for my usual skincare routine, for example) but in case they need shampoo or body wash or any other bath products, be sure to either leave out the ones they can use or let them know where they are so they don’t have to ask later on.

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Where the Outlets Are in the Guest Room

If the outlets in the room they’ll be staying in are prominent, you don’t have to worry about this one. But if they’re hidden behind furniture or not in very obvious locations, be sure to let your guests know so they don’t have to go searching when it comes time to plug in their phone charger (or any other devices they might use).

How to Lock Up at Night

You want your guests to feel safe and comfortable, so this is essential. Even if your guests don’t have plans to go out without you, things come up, so it’s still a good idea to let them know how to lock up (and on that note, where the spare key is and how to turn off the alarm, if you have one set up), just in case.

Any Quirks About Your Home

You live there, so you’re used to your home’s weird quirks—like maybe you need to jiggle the light switch or maybe the shower faucet is backwards, and they’ve become things you don’t really even think about anymore because you’re so used to it. But your guests won’t know that, so be sure to warn them of any weird features or tricks to keep in mind so they don’t have any issues during their stay.