Household Fortune-Telling: Entertainment & Advice

Household Fortune-Telling: Entertainment & Advice

Tess Wilson
Jan 3, 2011

As excited as I am about the new shiny year stretching out before me, I know there will always be times when I need advice, guidance, a little push in the right direction. Whether the question is where to hang a photo or what city to live in, I'm glad to have a few household divination devices to guide me & my guests...

Stylish and a little silly, bits of magic around the house can help create conversation and a sense of fun.

  • I found the magical "Chinese Fortune Sticks" at Community Thrift, and they are charming. Not only are they my favorite tomato-red and translated to English from "an ancient book of Chinese Fortunes", they're a great parting gift to offer guests. A keepsake and helpful advice in one!

  • The fortune-telling fish was a gift from the lovely people at the helm of Apartment Therapy, and is mysterious & all-knowing. When placed in your guests' palms, the fish will quickly let you know whether they are "false", "jealous", or "in love" (with you?!). Very handy!

  • Finally, my wise & darling Unazukin. This robotic Japanese matryoshka always looks enchanting perched under my fern, but in times of confusion you simply place her in your hand and ask your question. She either nods or shakes her head, usually once, but sometimes emphatically twice. Who wouldn't trust a face like that?

Images: Tess Wilson

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