Household Pest Control: 5 Natural Bug Repellents

updated May 8, 2019
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When I was young I used to crush ants on the kitchen floor — now I am a little older and live by the laws of a more natural lifestyle. I am taunted by animal cruelty ads and am convinced that everything living gives off an energy and has a soul. It may sound a little quirky as I personally find myself shrieking and running from a small spider (the same spider that has a soul).

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If bugs happen to pay me a visit, I gently place them outside or out the window. In addition, we think there is a nice way to say, “We appreciate your existence, but can you please stay out of our home.” We found a couple different natural solutions to prevent household bug problems. We prefer to use natural preventative measures rather than toxic pesticides which kill the little creatures.

5 Natural Household Bug Repellents:
Essential Oils: Using essential oils such as lemon, orange, clove, peppermint, and mint around the home will deter most bugs as they are turned off by strong odors.
Garlic and Pepper Powder: Most bugs avoid both garlic and pepper; therefore, sprinkling the powder around the key areas in the home helps keep the bugs at bay.
Cucumber Slices and Ants: As summer approaches, ants flock to kitchens on the hunt for food crumbs. Ants are appalled by cucumbers; therefore, the cucumber slices work best when placed near cracks or other areas where ants may enter the home.
Crushed Mint and Flies: Small packets of crushed mint helps to repel flies.
Lemon Peels and Moths: We love the fresh, citrus smell of lemons and prefer it to using cedar blocks in the closet to keep moths from destroying our clothes.

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(Images: Myrmecos Blog, flickr Member gaab22 via Creative Commons)