Household Tips for the Un-Air-Conditioned

Household Tips for the Un-Air-Conditioned

Taryn Williford
Aug 6, 2009

Maybe you're trying to save money. Maybe your air conditioning unit is broken. Maybe you live in a part of the globe where air conditioning units are scarce because they're only necessary one or two months a year (we're sure you're noticing that it's that time of year, you sweaty folks!). For whatever reason you have to go A/C-less, check out these tips for beating the heat...

Lifehacker surveyed it's readers on the best ways to beat the summer heat and many of them came through with some brilliant road-tested ideas for keeping cool without an A/C.

The general consenus is to keep your shades completely drawn while you're away, then to use a box fan facing out in one area of the house and then either leave other windows open or—if you've got 'em—put more box fans in other windows facing in. Either method should create a cooling draft of moving air.

One reader suggested that you only use the fan method at night when you're moving cool evening air inside, then in the morning close all the windows, draw all the shades and turn on indoor fans to trap the cold air indoors.

Also another tip: Balanced humidity levels will help to keep you cool too. If you live in a super-dry climate, hang wet towels around the house. If you live in a wet-climate, get a de-humidifier.

Or there's always the option to make your own portable air conditioner out of an old cooler!

Via Lifehacker

Image from docklandsboy at Flickr with a Creative Commons license.

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