Plant Parents, Rejoice: There’s Finally a Houseplant Emoji (See Ya Later, Seedling and Herb)

updated Jan 30, 2020
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Credit: Rachel Jacks

As a plant parent, you see all your children as equals and love to show the rest of the world how beautiful they are. So you snap a photo, upload it on Instagram, write the caption, and then sprinkle in an emoji…but with just an herb or a tiny two-leaf seedling to choose from, the pickings are slim (and an inaccurate depiction of a houseplant). But the tech gods have heard our cries and are soon releasing a flourishing potted plant that better represents the appearance of our green babies.  

Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that focuses on text in modern software products, just announced a batch of emojis that will be released in 2020, a list which contains 117 new symbols. Among the group is the “potted plant” emoji, which will take different forms on Apple and Google. 

First, the Apple version. The plant is seen flourishing in its silver planter, growing upward and outward in the frame. While the emoji can be used to represent a variety of plant species—since it’s really the only legit representation of houseplants out there—it could easily be associated with a fern, a ZZ plant, or perhaps a pothos. 

Then, there’s the Google version (which you can see on the list here) that we can say with confidence looks like a fern. However, like we already mentioned, with such limited choices we encourage everyone to use it for every houseplant out there. #LeaveNoHouseplantBehind!

In addition to this gem, there are many other emojis being released to get excited about. We’ve got sewing needles, windows, mirrors, and a slew of building tools that we can start decorating our home projects with.

Unrelated to home, there’s also some adorable animal emojis added to the portfolio. I mean, how can you resist the cuteness of that seal and polar bear??