Which U.S. Cities Love Houseplants The Most? Find Out If You Live in One of Them

updated Jun 16, 2020
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and coinciding shelter-in-place/stay-at-home orders, many people have taken the opportunity to revamp our living quarters—and, more specifically, turn them into urban jungles. Budget Direct Insurance wanted to find out which cities, both in the U.S. and abroad, were the largest hubs for indoor gardening—so the team turned to Instagram to gather all the deets.

The Budget Direct team, per InHabitat, first analyzed the most commonly used plant-related hashtags on Instagram. They weeded through about 200,000 plant posts, removing professional plant sellers from the mix, and found that #UrbanJungle was the most common hashtag used by plant parents in the United States.

Over 7,500 posts from the U.S. on Instagram are tagged #UrbanJungle, with New Yorkers using it the most and Los Angeles being next in line.

Brazil came in right after the U.S. as #UrbanJungle enthusiasts, using the hashtag in 3,500 posts. And Europeans also love showing off their urban jungles—specifically people who live in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, and Amsterdam. In fact, the total amount of posts tagged with #UrbanJungle across Europe totals over 17,000.

Additionally, citizens of London, Singapore, and Toronto used the hashtag a lot (in that order) to spread the plant love worldwide.

Budget Direct also found that #houseplants, #houseplantsofinstagram, and #houseplantsmakemehappy were commonly used to show off indoor garden spaces via Instagram.

And if you’re all about following trends, Budget Direct found that crocus, Haworthia, Fuchsia, daffodils, and Echeveria—a popular desert succulent—were the most photographed plants uploaded to the platform, with over 1 million posts dedicated to Echeveria alone.

So if you’re growing an urban jungle, share some green on Instagram and use the #UrbanJungle hashtag. You may just find a plant parent support group and learn a thing or two about your leafy babies.