Welcome Home: Housewarming Parties

Welcome Home: Housewarming Parties

Tess Wilson
Jun 23, 2014

It's been over three years since Apartment Therapy's last freewheeling discussion of housewarming parties — time for an update! Whenever the bucket-hauling, hand-mangling, and shoulder pain of renovation get me down, I fantasize about hosting a fabulous housewarming party....

Imagining work while doing other work — that's how I get down, apparently. When the drudgery and dirt get to me, I like to imagine our nearest and dearest gathered in the beautiful yard, feasting in the shade of the willow trees, and roaming relaxedly around the property. I imagine the kids running around and the grown-ups gathered around the fire, house tours, champagne toasts, and late night s'mores. It sounds like a lot of work, yes — but it's a totally different kind of work than what I've been doing lately. All new work!

I mull over the guest list quite a bit, while I'm painting ceilings and scrubbing floors. Should we just invite our immediate families? Then we'd have nine guests plus the three of us. But we should definitely invite the friend/coworker who's helped so much on the house, so he and his family equal six additional guests. And what about the other eight employees/partners who love on the property? And all the awesome people I work with at my day job? Should we just go for it, have a big fun bash?

And what type of housewarming parties do you like to throw and attend? Short-and-sweet cocktail hours? Full, formal dinner parties? Super-casual potluck sleepovers? DIY workdays capped off by a delivery pizza feast? Do you wear yourself out getting the house and food ready and not have much energy left for the party itself?

Did you receive gifts at your housewarming party? Did people request a registry? Did you include a little "no gifts, please" note on the invitation? Did people comply? When you attend a housewarming party, do you bring a gift? Do you feel guilty if you don't?

Let's hear it all!

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