How a Trip to IKEA Helped One Elderly Cat Bounce Back

How a Trip to IKEA Helped One Elderly Cat Bounce Back

Carrie McBride
Oct 16, 2014

(Image credit: Kristopher Chandoo)

Warning: this video is NSFW. Unless you don't mind your co-workers seeing you silently crying at your desk. This is the story of an elderly cat named Zack befallen with ataxia (loss of control over his hind end) and his owner's attempt to help him with medicine....and a trip to IKEA.

A few years ago Kristopher Chandroo shared with us a fantastic photo project documenting his daughter's first year of life amidst a household of Mid Century Modern furnishings. What we didn't know was that Kris was also a veterinarian. Zack, the cat, has been a part of Kris's family for 19 years and, like many older pets, has his fair share of ailments. But when Zack became stricken with ataxia and was barely able to walk, Krisand his family had to consider that the end could be near.

What happened next, Kris documented in a mini-movie which details the treatment plan he devised for Zack and asks these questions:

So can an old cat, with a laundry list of pre-existing problems recover from something this grave? What can be expected? How did we use IKEA in an attempt to recover Zack? How do you dig them out of the grave, if they are one paw in?

The video is long - about 9 1/2 minutes. If you're mostly interested to see how IKEA played a role in Zack's treatment, skip ahead to around 3:45.

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