How Can I Get Stains Out With My Front Load Washer?

How Can I Get Stains Out With My Front Load Washer?

Cambria Bold
Oct 25, 2011

Q: I have a front loading washer for the first time. In the past I used to love my top load machine because I could soak stained clothes in the filled tub with bleach. Then I would turn the machine back on to finish the wash. With the front loading machine, I cannot seem to get the stains out. I use bleach and I use the stain setting. I have tried extra water, sanitary cycle, pre-wash cycle, you name it... I have tried it and nothing seems to work as well as soaking the clothes used to. Can anyone offer any suggestions short of getting a bucket and soaking the clothes? I have also tried pre-treating the clothes and also have tried Oxyclean. I have 2 young children who are always spilling something on their white shirts for school.

Asked by Marisa

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