How Can I Give the Bedroom More Privacy?

Q: Hi,This is my work-in-progress — a 322 square foot studio mainly used as a bunker for city life. The sliding glass dividers are a new addition, and are completely modular (they can be closed, completely opened, and can be moved to whichever side). I use them to close off the bedroom when I cook one-pot meals in the compact kitchen. I chose completely clear glass, as I did not want to make the already small space look even smaller and I did not want to obstruct the natural light from the one and only window — How can I give the bedroom more privacy?

Sent by Ingrid

Curtains are the obvious choice, but are there other lower-maintenance options? Are there non-permanent frosted glass stickers that I can easily put up when guests suddenly come over, and remove after they have left? Thanks!

Editor: This is a really cool space! I’m not sure you can get less low-maintenance than curtains. Have you considered a hospital tract or inexpensive curtain wire? Floor to ceiling curtains on a hospital tract could look nice when pulled completely back — and are a quick and easy way to hide the bedroom if unexpected guests drop by. Who else has suggestions?

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