How Can I Hide or Disguise a (Big!) Dog Crate?

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Q: We live in a house where the “dining room” is really just an extension of the kitchen space, and directly off that are the stairs to the basement and the living room. Our 100+ lb. dog uses the sliding glass door off the dining room to access the backyard (it is the only access to the backyard) so his black wire dog crate sits right at the edge of the dining room/living room, near the top of the stairs for proximity to the sliding glass door.

My question is does anyone have an idea on how to disguise his crate to make that area more appealing to the eye? Buying a furniture-style crate is out of the question, and down-sizing is also not an option for him. Short of throwing a sheet over it, which to me only says “Hey, I’m hiding an ugly dog crate under here!”, I am at a loss. Any suggestions would be lovely! By the way, moving the crate to another place in the house is not an option as we live in a wet and in the winter snowy climate and he needs to be able to get from door to crate without stepping a paw on carpet. Thanks!

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