How Can I Live Green In Cold, Frozen Canada?

How Can I Live Green In Cold, Frozen Canada?

Cambria Bold
Oct 20, 2009

Q: I read this site and I see all these great suggestions for living green —all the beautiful bicycles and re-purposing and those gorgeous walls of plants. But the thing is, I live in northern Canada and so for ten months a year there is 3.5 feet of snow on the ground. That means no biking or skateboarding! And when it reaches -48 degrees Celsius and there are 3 inches of frost that have formed all along your windows and baseboards, there are not a lot of plants that can deal with that sort of thing. What are some ways you can go about living green when you can't bike and the earth all around is frozen and there is no rain?

... I need some plants that will flourish in the slight chill without immediately dropping dead! I already collect snow and let it melt inside to water my herb garden and plants, and I still get exercise and fun from variety of cold weather sports (snowboarding, sledding, snowball fights), but when you can't run outside without having to visit the emergency room after there must be cardio alternatives to going to electricity-hogging gyms to run on treadmills for 120 a month!

So you should do a list of 25 ways to stay green in Canada! Even when the flowers freeze and all green other than pine trees is eradicated, there must be ways to stay environmentally-friendly.

Sent in by Emma

Editor: Emma, we hear you! We'll get to work on that list, and come back to you with more answers soon. For now, we'll open it up to our readers in the far north: how do you stay green in your cold climate?

Image via Flickr member Shahram Shariff licensed under Creative Commons.

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