How Computers Transformed Baby Boomers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are both
baby boomers. It was when they were young and full of possibility that they built the computers that launched them into position to change our lives and the course of history. In the article,
How Computers Transformed Baby Boomers, Newsweek dives into how boomers created computers as we know them, and a bit about how we’ve changed as a result of their work.

Do you know where the term cut-and-paste originated? Are you more like the young Google employee who realized this when being told about typewriters by author, Steven Levy, or are you more like the author? This article works to showcase the difference between the world the boomers grew up in, and the one that kids now days, where multiple computers are commonplace and expected, are growing up.

Oh, and if you (or your parents) have a copy of the book Computer Lib, one of the original manifestos of enlightenment through the personal computer, it’s worth a pretty penny.

– Image by Gizmodo; article seen over on Slashdot.