How Hot Do You Look At Home?

How Hot Do You Look At Home?

Tess Wilson
Sep 19, 2012

At a surprise birthday party for our friend Michelle, a guest asked, "This was a surprise, right? Why does Michelle look so picante?", to which another replied, "Michelle always looks picante." And it's true: you could drop by her place anytime and she always looks cute and pulled together, ready for a last-minute coffee date or a party in her honor. If anyone wants to throw me a surprise party, I'm going to need a little notice…

I live alone, so at-home time is the chance to wear all the stuff I don't like. This system is practical — I don't wear out all the stuff I do like and have to buy more stuff I like — but probably not great for my self-esteem. Generally I'm dressing for warmth and comfort at home, which means $5 leggings, cute-but-worn-out slippers, and all the sweaters that are too big for me but still get the job done. Nothing hideous or ridiculous, but definitely not picante. I would love to wear cute clothes, jammies, and loungewear round-the-clock, but everything will get worn out so much faster, and I'll definitely spill wine on it. If I end up moving in with someone someday, I'm really going to have to up my game — and my wardrobe budget.

When I wrote Forget The Frump: Hot Houseshoes For Her, I was surprised by how many people said things like, "Why would I care what I look like at home?" Do you feel the same way? I think feeling cute always feels good, whereas wearing dowdy, frumpy clothes and slippers can make you think you're dowdy and frumpy, which of course you're not!

So, how much effort do you put into your appearance when you're kickin' it at home, whether you live alone or not? Do you get a lot of drop-bys? Do you put on makeup (if you wear makeup) just because makeup is fun? Or are you master of the zero-to-va-va-voom transformation when it's time to leave the house? Tell all!

(Image: Nicole Crowder/Holly's Fashionably Rustic Home In DC)

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