Stay Safe: Everyday Dangers at Home

Stay Safe: Everyday Dangers at Home

Abby Stone
Feb 24, 2014
(Image credit: Breanne Johnsen)

A few weeks ago I shredded my finger in the blender, last year I slipped on a leaf outside my home and broke my foot, and I'll just let you guess how many times I have stubbed my toes (hint: one friend called me "Stubster"). Am I clumsy? Probably. But I've also come to realize that what they say is true: most accidents happen at home.

The place that you like to think of as your cocoon of love and safety is full of danger just waiting to happen. Ok, no need to be paranoid. But it's true that most of us are a lot more likely to steel ourselves against potential dangers "out there" than take precautions against what could happen "in here". Here are some things to watch out for.

Tripping Hazards: Electrical cords, children's toys, pet toys, spare socks, rug corners — these are just a few of the items that you may stumble over. Taping down cords (or ensuring that they don't run across frequent pathways around your house), having a place for your kids' toys, tacking down rugs, training yourself to slow down and look where you're going and think about what you're doing (that one's courtesy of my doctor, who maintains that rushing around and being disorganized are two of the major reasons for most accidents) are some solutions.

Not Having the Right Tools: I'm definitely guilty of this one, scrambling onto my kitchen counters to reach the top shelves, straddling the bathtub to water my hanging plants, digging things out with my fingers instead of a spoon. Tools were invented for a reason. Ladders and step stools instead of rickety chairs, pliers instead of fingernails... you get the idea.

Not Having Enough Light: Sure, most of us are trying to save energy, the planet, or some money, but make sure there's enough light to navigate your space safely. Use night lights, and make sure that there are lights near the entryways of your rooms so that you don't have to cross a whole room to turn on a light.

Fire in the hole: Do you have a fire extinguisher nearby, or do you know what to do in case of different kinds of fires? Electrical, grease, and paper fires all demand different solutions.

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