How Did Catsitter Use So Much Electricity?

How Did Catsitter Use So Much Electricity?

Tess Wilson
Nov 2, 2015

Q: Hi, I was recently on vacation for a few days and scheduled a sitter to come in for my cat. It was to be 6 half-hour visits: Friday dinner, Monday breakfast, and twice each on Saturday and Sunday. I'd used this sitter a few times this year when I was away on shorter one-day trips. I like the young lady and so does my cat. The company she works for is well-run, never any problems. This time seemed alright, too. The apartment wasn't a wreck on my return. She washed the food bowl, swept up the scattered litter around the litter box, disposed of the wastes. But, then...

Just because I normally keep track of such things, I viewed my electric company website where I can see daily usage. Usage for the days I was gone was double and triple what I use on a weekend day when I'm home all day running appliances and charging my phone. The only way I can generate usage that high is when I run my portable AC all day. Since the AC is already in storage for the fall, I can't imagine what the kitty sitter was doing to suck up so much electricity. Additionally, she did not sign in or out with the doorman, as she had been instructed, so I can't tell if her visits were half-hours or longer... like, maybe the whole weekend watching Netflix? What do you think: do I let it go or do I ask some questions? -Sent by kitty momma

Editor: I realize that kitty momma's question is what to do about this situation rather than what on earth the sitter was doing to use up so much electricity, but I can't help but fixate on the latter. Readers, please share your advice with kitty momma and your wild electrical theories with me.

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