How Did You Find Your First Apartment?

How Did You Find Your First Apartment?

Regina Yunghans
Aug 1, 2011

Finding your first apartment can take a lot of work. You might be in a new city, unaccustomed to what's out there, perhaps you're young and inexperienced with such issues. Beginning that new stage of living on your own can be a really daunting task. So, how did you do it?

I remember apartment hunting for my first place. I was living with a friend in the meantime. But after a month, I was definitely ready to find a place to call my own. And do you know how I ended up finding that perfect place? I spent every weekend using Chelsea Market as my home base while I scoured and scoured the classifieds in the Village Voice. While I don't think this is a foolproof method by any stretch, it really did work for me.

It wasn't without seeing many duds in neighborhoods all over Manhattan and Brooklyn, but I finally hit on the perfect apartment: a studio apartment near Clinton and Atlantic in Cobble Hill (more on that later). Despite being listed in such an obvious place as the Village Voice, I was lucky to locate a real gem while working directly with the landlords (no realtors, agents, or property managers, which all give me the heebeejeebees). Their own brownstone home was right down the same street and I could drop off my rent check on the walk to the subway. Just the way I like it: mom and pop all the way!

So tell us (this might help some young whippersnapper out on their first search right now): how did you search for and find your first apartment? Did you go the obvious route and search the classifieds like me? Or was it through word of mouth or some other source? From your experience, what's the best way to find your first apartment? Please share in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member jaywphotos, licensed for use under Creative Commons

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