How Do I Build This Ultimate Office?

How Do I Build This Ultimate Office?

Anthony Nguyen
Nov 15, 2010

Q - I think I've found the ultimate desk/office. I don't remember where I got the picture, but I love the ideas. Any thoughts on how I could pull off this minimalistic and clean look without giving up my life savings?

A - Hi Lucille,

"Never be too ambitious" is our motto around here, so let's give this a try.

The first and most obvious thing that you'll need to pull off something of this magnitude is to note the desk and cabinet profile. On the left, we have large storage cabinets that have a small shelf lining that builds into the desk. We're guessing that'll be a custom job to get that flush look, but a simple coat of paint will complete that sexy, cohesive look.

Next, we have the wall-mounted shelves. We've seen plenty of cheaper alternatives, but if you really want to pull it off, you'll want to invest some wall brackets to attach the shelves (taken by some previously inspiring setups we've seen).

The wall-mounted desk can be pulled off fairly easily (a few more examples can be seen here) - you just need make sure you find matching finishes.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Consider wiring cables (power, A/V, etc.) behind the cabinet to keep them off the floor permanently.
  • Make sure you have install brackets for the desk, just like the shelves.
  • Placing the wireless router inside/under the desk is a good way to save on desk space.
  • Installing lighting under the cabinets will give it a welcoming look.

Hopefully that outlines what you'll need to get together to pull off your epic office renovation. Just proceed with caution or have a friend available when installing those large cabinets onto the walls!

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