How Do I Erase the Mistake of My Magic Eraser?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: I recently scored a set of six chairs in IKEA’s “as-is” section ($6 each!!). They were super grubby (previously used in the cafe area of IKEA) but I purchased them anyway thinking I could make them shine again.

(Image credit: Homegoid)

I did a bad, bad thing and didn’t “spot test” the chairs before cleaning the heck out of them with a Magic Eraser. They LOOK good and super clean, howevvvvvver now the feel tacky and gross. After cleaning them I saw the fine print on the back of the eraser box saying not to use them on wood.

I live in a hot and humid area (Florida) and am hoping the chairs just feel tacky due to the humidity in my house but deep down I know I probably messed up the finish with the erasering. Has this happened to you? Should I wait till winter (term used loosely) to re-varnish the chairs? If so, what should I use? Or should I just eat the $36 loss? — Sent by Carlee

Editor: Oh man, nothing like a well intentioned cleaning project gone awry. Any survivors of a not-so magic erasure moment out there? Leave your suggestions for Carlee in the comments – thanks!

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