How Do You Battle Mosquitoes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is it just us, or are the mosquitoes especially terrible this year? Maybe it’s because we’re spending more time outside that we used to, but it seems like all we have to do is think about going outdoors and BAM! We feel the sting. Citronella isn’t cutting it, so we’re dying to know… What do you do?

Short of spraying ourselves with DEET (would you believe it if we said we’d considered it, even briefly!?), we’re not finding a surefire way to beat the mosquitoes.

We’ve planted rosemary, lit candles, and tried the natural bug sprays… but still wind up with welts all over our arms and legs.

Is there some natural solution that we aren’t aware of? Maybe you’ve got a tried-and-true way of steering clear of the little stinging nuisances, or use a combination to defeat the blood-suckers. In any case, please let us know what works for you. Our bug-bitten appendages will thank you.

(Image: Flickr member Ray_chel, licensed under Creative Commons)