How Do You Cozy Up Your Home For Fall?

How Do You Cozy Up Your Home For Fall?

Leah Moss
Oct 2, 2009

If this chilly week was any indication, fall is upon us, and this weekend I'm planning a few little changes to ease our home into Washington's coziest season. What are your favorite tricks for channeling the autumn energy into your home?

Aside from Christmas, I'm not much of an overt seasonal decorator. I prefer subtle touches that nod to the season without being explicitly theme-y. Here are a few favorite fall ideas that I've collected along the way...

• 2. Pull out your softest throw blankets and arrange them next to your favorite lounge spot. There are few better fall luxuries than a warm blanket and a good book.
• 3. While you're at it, pull out your down comforter too. I love sleeping with the windows cracked to let in fresh fall air while snuggling under a heavy down blanket, it's like camping...only comfy and without all the bugs. (On an unrelated note, if you haven't checked out Ally's home on Apartment Therapy: San Francisco from which this picture hails, get excited and click here. It's blissful.)
• 4. Fresh flowers don't have to be reserved for summer and spring. Bring some fall color in with cut flowers in casual arrangements.
• 5. It may be a little too early for a full-fledge fire, but it's definitely candle season. Candle light makes any room feel cozy.
• 6. Pull out your recipes and start cooking. I don't know about you, but even though I love to cook I tend to take a bit of a hiatus during the warmer seasons. I prefer crisp salads and quick fresh dishes to comfort foods. However, by this time of year I'm hungry for the savory soups and fresh baked breads, and all the homey smells that accompany them. Check out our sister site, The Kitchn for delicious autumn recipes.
• 7. Set aside some time for crafting. Even if you're not the crafty type, taking time to try something you've always wanted to do will help you to relax and enjoy the time you spend in your home. During the summer months I find that my home is more of a crash spot between travels and parties than a place of relaxation. By fall I'm ready to relish in home time, and crafting is always leisure time well spent.
• 8. Break out the throw pillows. Fall is a fun time to experiment with color. During the summer, we keep our house pretty neutral with a few natural and coastal colored accents, but I love swapping out those pillow covers for my warmer toned gypsy hues, that to me scream fall.
• 9. Every fall my sister has her kids collect leaves from the yard and form their nature walks to make into a simple garland for their mantel. I love the idea, as I find that I appreciate the seasons more when I have little reminders of them inside as well as outdoors.

What are your fall rituals?

(Images: 1: Skona Hem, 2: Better Homes and Gardens, 3: Ally for Apartment Therapy: San Francisco, 4: Leah Moss, 5: Sunset Magazine, 6,7: Country Living, 8: Womansday, 9: via Ohdeedoh)

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