How Do You Discard Your Tech?

How Do You Discard Your Tech?

Kristen Lubbe
May 21, 2010

As I mentioned over on Apartment Therapy DC, I have been bitten by a serious spring cleaning bug. There are things that have been in my home for years that I now want to get rid of. I mentioned lamps, bedding and typical household items, but what I didn't mention are the computer accessories that I'm looking to rid myself of as well.

I've gone through every little item in my home, and while I'm usually very good at keeping items until they are virtually falling apart, I've found myself wanting to get rid of every last thing that I don't currently or plan on using.

When sorting through the items in my office, I found that we (my boyfriend & I) have several bags dedicated to cables and power cords. I suppose I always knew they were there, it is my home after all, but I couldn't help but ask myself "why the heck are we saving these?" I don't think we've reached in that bag for something useful for quite some time, but I know how valuable and useful those cords and cables could be to someone.

Obviously we have other items ranging from old keyboards and mice to 2 gig USB drives &mdash but what do we do with it? Obviously I know there are Craigslist and eBay (we use them all the time for big stuff) but what do we do with items that aren't really worth much? If it were a table or lamp, we already know to put it on the curb or drive to Goodwill, but should we do that with tech?

How do you discard your tech?

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