How Do You Keep Your Household Healthy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a virus, in possession of a child, must be in want of a new host.

It seems no matter how often I wash my hands or how diligently I disinfect the surfaces of my home, we simply cannot avoid an annual reprise of pass-the-bacteria.

The moment my little one comes home with a runny nose, I start my sanitation regime. I take all the known precautions: discard used tissues immediately, assign hand towels, wipe doorknobs, kiss foreheads. I begin my hourly intake of immune-boosting remedies, perform stress-reduction techniques, even visualize myself in full, radiant health. I will not catch this cold. I will not catch this cold.

It works, for a while. But despite my best efforts, those feisty buggers always win. By week three, I’m in full surrender mode. Swaddled on the couch in the same clothes I was wearing two days ago with a mountain of tissues rising beside me.

So I ask you: Short of donning a Hazmat suit, how do you keep colds from spreading throughout your household?

Image: Elle Netherlands