How Do You (Or, Do You?) Keep Your Child's Head Upright When Travel-Sleeping?

How Do You (Or, Do You?) Keep Your Child's Head Upright When Travel-Sleeping?

Beth Callaghan
Dec 5, 2013
(Image credit: Slumber Sling)

Now that my kids are older, we don't have the problem of drooping heads when they fall asleep in the car. But when they were both in car seats, it presented a troublesome obstacle to napping on long car rides. Often, I would wad up a blanket and shove it next to a child's head, only to find that 3 minutes later his head had fallen completely forward and was bouncing around on his chest. What solutions have you come up with for travel-sleeping?

A year or two ago, my mom gave both my boys more traditional neck pillows (I say "more" traditional because while they are shaped like neck pillows, one is a raccoon and one is a dog). The kids use them on long car rides, and I think they would've worked when they were in car seats as well. Certainly, my wadded blanket or jacket system wasn't sustainable.

The product pictured above, the "Slumber Sling," solves the problem with a fabric and elastic piece that ostensibly keeps your child's head from falling forward. I'm sure there will be safety concerns here, but is it any less safe than other solutions?

I'm sure there are some creative solutions out there. Let us know in the comments how you've managed to allow your child some comfortable and precious nap time while riding in a carseat. (Or do you just let their heads droop?)

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