Save and Use Original Tech Packaging for Moving

Save and Use Original Tech Packaging for Moving

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 17, 2010

Moving is an experience in and of itself, so when you throw in some of your most prized possessions &mdash it gets a little touchy. We would be devastated if anything were to happen to some of our most expensive pieces of technology, so it's important to pay extra close attention to how you move them.

We've moved and traveled quite a bit in the past few years and have discovered there are many different ways to move tech and ultimately found the best that works for us.

We save all of the original packaging from our tech purchases. This isn't ideal for small space dwellers since the interior packaging often can take up a lot of room even when you can fold away boxes, but if you have the storage space, the original packaging really comes in handy for moving day. The original packaging will be the easiest way to transport your tech. You won't have to worry about purchasing extra boxes or packing material because they're already included in the box and it's all been designed to specifically store and protect the gear you're moving.

One other tip that might sound involved at first, but will pay off if you're prone to move often, is to document how things are packed before removing them. Apple fanatics often take photos or video of opening and showcasing the contents of their latest purchase, but the idea could be helpful for documenting as a visual reference of how things are stored away and where manuals/accessories fit into the box. Sometimes it seems like an issue of common sense, but once you get to putting things together, having a visual guide helps tenfold, especially when you're in the rush of moving. Most cameras now have a video feature, so use it next time you unpack an electronic with various components.

Electronics boxes are typically square or rectangular, so they'll fit along side the rest of the boxes you'll be moving. When using product packaging, you typically won't have to worry about them not fitting inside an average car (unless of course, you're trying to move a giant TV!). And unlike other boxes during your move, the original packaging will identify what is inside at a quick glance.

How do you move your tech?

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