How Do You Read Your Publications?

How Do You Read Your Publications?

Mike Tyson
Dec 16, 2011

As technologies expand and traditional printed publications struggle to keep up, new ways to adapt, enhance, and ultimately enjoy, this media is becoming available. Readers of once strictly printed newspapers and magazines can find the same content elsewhere. So we're curious what you've landed on as the best way to consume your favorite publications. After the jump we've outlined some of the pros and cons of each medium.

The Printed Page
Ah the classic printed newspaper or magazine. It's with you for your morning breakfast, at the coffee shop or salon. It's easy to pick up, page through, read an article or two and put back. No muss, no fuss.
Pros: accessible, easily shared, cheap subscription rates
Cons: not as portable, potential (but solvable) storage issues

The Internet
The main hub of many publications is now their website. Content is typically available for free and updated regularly. This is what we check throughout our day and is often the source for most of our information.
Pros: fast, portable, free, easily shared through social media, content supplemented with additional media such as audio or video
Cons: lots of ads, can't be archived, can't be read without an internet connection

The eReader
The newest, hybrid form is the eReader. Blending the portablity of the printed page with the supplemented content of the internet, the eReader promises to have a lot of value. The problem is that it's still very much in its infancy and to us, feels underdeveloped. There is even exclusive offerings taking advantage of touch-screen interfaces which other formats can't provide
Pros: exciting new media potential, portable, content is viewable offline, exclusive content
Cons: hard to share, still in its early stages, expensive subscription rates

For us, our consumption of publications has remained strictly within the printed materials and online. We've found that we check the online content throughout the workday and during our leisure time over the weekend, we like to enjoy a long breakfast or sit at a cafe reading a paper or magazine. We're not opposed to eReaders but we simply haven't found the need/benefit to use one in-between our other methods of reading. So we're curious how you prefer to read your favorite publications. Let us know below.

(Images: Flickr member arvindgrover, erlin1, zandwacht licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

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