Using Goats for Land Management (aka Weed Whacking Goats)

Using Goats for Land Management (aka Weed Whacking Goats)

Mar 18, 2008

We took a trip to a friend's family farm last spring and fell head-over-heels-off-the-hook in love with their baby pygmy goats. We got to our usual daydreaming ways and imagined our backyard singing with the bleats of tiny goats...

We didn't take home any goats (despite our friend's offer...really really tempting) but it got us thinking about those farmland animals and our insane backyard overgrowth. We've made a small dent in the growth, but our furry friends could be much more efficient weed whackers.

one small piece of the backyard mayhem

Using goats to manage overgrowth and weeds is nothing new. We know that Napa Valley and parks 'round the east bay have brought in herds for years now. If you have the need, we can't think of a more efficient and sustainable way to attack overgrowth issues and help with fire protection.

can you imagine the herds here? munch munch...

We stumbled upon goatfinder, a website that helps locate herds for rent...and we found Living Systems, a company based right out of San Francisco.

Anyone have any experience renting goat herds for grazing? Call us crazy but we're adding this our list of home improvement plans....

Get more information here.

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