How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?

How Far Do You Go For A Fabulous Birthday Party Or Shower?

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 27, 2010

Over the last several weekends we've attended quite a few birthday parties and baby showers. It seems that the new rage is to go less on the gifts and more on the decorations, making everything photo fabulous. But we can't help but wonder if the money spent on all those matching water bottles and color coordinated snacks on the buffet line couldn't be going towards something your kids will remember a little more?

So let's say you spend $20 on water bottles and then you make new labels for them to match your cupcake color — which also happens to match all the linens and serving ware. And then you buy 15 different snakcs that are all the same color to make a dessert buffet that is all monochromatic to make for the most awesome pictures ever. When all is said and done, you're bound to be several hundred dollars in the hole, money that could have been spent going on a trip, to a local museum and buying something really cool from the gift shop or even on redecorating their entire bedroom!

This isn't to say we're not in favor of a super rad get together with all sorts of fun decor. We just happen to be more of the school of thought where things are handmade on the cheap, where you do what you can with what you have!

Where do you draw the line when it comes to the budget for birthday parties and baby showers? Do you live by the philosophy that more is more and you only live once? Or are you more of a minimalist and would rather put your pennies to use on something other than decor? How much do you expect to spend each time an event of this nature comes up? Let us know in the comments below!

**Writer's Note: Maybe it should have been clarified above, that I'm not into telling families how to have a good time and how to spend their money.

My question was more about how handmade, homemade unique and individual parties have all started to look the same and because of the internet, it seems that even though parties are all different, they're starting to feel the same. Like there's a standard for parties now where there wasn't before.

That said, I still love checking into photos and all the styles that everyone creates, it just seems that sometimes the internet and magazines create a pressure to rise to this new type of party.

(Image: Hostess With The Mostess)

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