How Far Do Your Recycling Habits Go?

How Far Do Your Recycling Habits Go?

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 16, 2008

It's sometimes easier to go big when it comes to being green. Sorting your recyclables, using flooring that has been salvaged or installing energy saving appliances all seem more appealing than remembering about little empty pens. Every year in the US alone, 106 billion+ disposable pens are sent off to landfills. But are the alternatives really worth the hassle?
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When it comes to the little things around your home or office, do you take into account their environmental footprint?

Do you think before throwing away the pen that died as you were trying to sign your name to something?

Are you breaking down each and every part of your pen so it can be recycled?

Or seeking out other alternatives to things that aren't recyclable, no matter how small?

When it comes to pens (which most of us use almost daily), the green alternatives in the past have been to use a reusable fountain pen, or a cartridge pen. There are a few hassles with using this type of product. First, you have to locate the exact refill for the exact model of pen you have. Second, you have to not LOSE the pen before it's time to refill it. Third, you have to not lose the box of refills before the pen needs a new one!

There are now more options when it comes to pen recycling. You can purchase pens that are made from post-consumer waste and are refillable (still having to purchase refills separate of course), or take in your old pens to your local office supply store where they can send back your empty pens to be shredded, melted and reused again.
Besides that, there are also art projects, lamps and cars that are reusing empty pen/markerbodies.

So our question to you is this, "Is worrying about something so small worth your time?"
Where do you draw the line with your own personal environmentally friendly/green/recycling habits?
Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts on things!

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