How Far Would You Travel For A Craigslist Find?

How Far Would You Travel For A Craigslist Find?

Sarah Rae Smith
May 18, 2011

Earlier this week I mentioned to friends that I'd found the perfect kitchen cabinets at an online auction. They're vintage metal lower cabinets that I wouldn't even have to re-powdercoat and I could score for less than $20 for everything! The catch — I'd have to rent a Uhaul and drive almost 5 hours on a Thursday to pick them up.

Now easy math would tell me that a new set of kitchen cabinets can push well past the $1,000 mark. So gas (even if it is $4 a gallon) for the round trip adventure, plus the cost of a Uhaul rental (and gas for it's trip) and lunch along the way probably still comes in at less than buying a new set at retail.

In the past we've contemplated making longer drives for far less, but all items would have fit in our mini van with the seats removed. It's a sweet ride, don't be jealous. Usually, there's always something to do or see in our destination city besides pick up a find so we're killing two birds with one stone. Pick up a vintage sofa and visit IKEA or the Restoration Hardware warehouse outlet! Hello roadtrip!

But this time would be different. It would be all work (I'd even have to uninstall them myself) and no play with no time to dilly dally along the way. Somehow a strict schedule and two cars for the trip back seems like a whole new can of worms.

How far would you travel for the perfect Craigslist find? Do you make the drive and pretend to function at work the next day on no sleep? Would you look for someone else to deliver them? Or just wait for something else to come along as Craigslist always provides? Share your thoughts below!

Image: Flickr member Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL licensed for use by Creative Commons

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