How Has Modern Media Changed Family Movie Night?

How Has Modern Media Changed Family Movie Night?

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 11, 2010

When I was younger I remember spending Friday evenings in the back of the family pick-up truck at the local drive in. Later on down the road I spent countless hours at Blockbuster with boys who I was trying my hardest to impress with my zombie and action movie trivia knowledge. Now we hit up a Red Box on the way home, turn on the DVR or boot up the Roku with Netflix On Demand and call it good. Do you miss the traditions of days gone by or are you on board with modern media's new ways?

On one hand, I miss the movie going experience and as a whole it being something you were able to take nerd pride in. To learn about a flick, you had to read newspaper reviews or watch specials on HBO to learn about the "making of". You didn't have IMDB to show you who was in what flick and your own personal knowledge of the cinema and the past traditions it held, now seem like a faint glimmer of what once was.

Family used to gather because you only had so much time before your movie was due back to the store (with more than a $1 fee!) and everyone wanted to get their money's worth out of the event. Now it doesn't matter if you have soccer practice or Mom works late, you can just pull it back up on the Roku later on.

How have your families traditions changed and where do you think the future of the movie watching experience in the home will be in 5 years? 10? 20? Will we be suiting up to be a giant blue cat person and take part in Avatar 5 and literally "be in the movie?" Share your thoughts on the journey this small act has taken over the years and how it's impacted your life below!

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