How I Decided on Two Desks for My Home Office

How I Decided on Two Desks for My Home Office

Taryn Williford
Sep 6, 2011

My at-home "office" needs have finally expanded from the ever-so-comfy living room coffee table. It's finally time to turn the guest bedroom into a dual-purpose space. But just as I'm trying to lay everything out just right so I can get back to emailing, sewing and snapping photos, I discover that I might actually need more than one workstation, and more than one desk. Here's how I made it work in 132 square feet.


I used to be a workspace nomad, sliding my laptop from one room to another and working from the comfort of whatever cushion I could find. It was more than enough "office" to allow me to check emails and surf Facebook.

But now that my at-home task list is getting longer, I'm finding that I need more space. And just as soon as I've outgrown working from my coffee table, I find that I might have even outgrown a single desk.

For me, it boils down to desk-top space. Just as a home cook finds she needs more counters, I've discovered that I need more workspace than a single desk can handle. In the process of carving out the three home office "zones," I established that I need to make room for not only a traditional workspace with a computer and printer, but also a more creative workspace where I can spread out with my sewing machine and cutting mat.


In my mind, and in my tiny guest-room-slash-office-space, I came to a solution: Two desks.

One long and lean version along the wall, and another set up just next to the bed. I chose an IKEA desktop-and-legs combination for one, and IKEA's EXPEDIT bookshelf and workspace for the other:

The layout works in the space (we put everything in place over the long weekend), and it gives me plenty of surface area to spread out my many projects. The computer workspace sits along the long VIKA AMON tabletop desk, and the crafty space happens on the EXPEDIT workstation, with fabrics and paper in easy reach inside the bookcase.

Thanks to the duality of two desks, this small spare room (It's around 11' by 12') is able to pull triple-duty as an office, craft area and guests' sleeping quarters. It never would have worked if I tried to cram everything on one surface. If you're facing a dual-purpose office that never seems to have enough desktop space, consider moving to a two-desk office if you have some room.

(Images: Flickr member think danijel licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member Dave Austria under license from Creative Commons)

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