How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Streaming Video

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Streaming Video

Jason Yang
Jan 16, 2013

Whether we're ready or not to ditch traditional television sources or forget about seeking the highest picture quality, online streaming is unarguably here now and the future of watching video content. Last year we discussed what we're sacrificing for streaming video access and even longer ago we talked about Blu-ray and why it doesn't matter anymore. At the time I strongly disagreed with the latter statement, but a year later my sentiments have softened...

Our very own Gregory Han put it best when he explained, "Why I don't Own a Single Blu-ray... and Probably Never Will." It's the "age of Roku, Apple TV, and Netflix streaming" (and many others such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.) and while we do sacrifice video quality the convenience truly does make up for perceived losses in quality.

I say perceived because quality comes in many forms, not simply limited to technical video quality. I've become increasingly more fond of Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and other streaming video services ever since I picked up a Roku, thoroughly enjoy the quality of convenience and selection. The ability to search through an abundance of selection instantly and at my whim allows me to "forgive" any video quality differences.

Besides, my selection of what to watch via streaming sources does not impinge on my ability to buy/rent a Blu-ray down the street for those big budget-big action-big picture-is-everything movies. I still watch movies in Blu-ray whenever I am afforded the opportunity (hello, Redbox!), but when I would otherwise have to trudge out into the dreary night seeking out a limited selection in order to achieve that picture perfect cinema experience I now understand and appreciate that I don't have to.

So while I won't likely cut the cord entirely anytime soon from my live television sources or Blu-ray blockbuster movies, I'm extremely happy to have joined the fold. Whether it's enjoying season upon season, back to back years and years of TV episodes or catching a random "I wouldn't watch this in the theaters but if it were late night and there was nothing on, sure why not" movie, streaming videos are alright in my book. Even as a latecomer with extreme prejudices, I'm proof positive that there's still hope for change for even the diehard (perfect picture quality) extremists.

(Images: Netflix, Hulu, Shutterstock/oculo)

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