How Long Does Your Landlord Take to Fix Things?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Not our apartment, thankfully. For the most part we adore our new apartment. The neighborhood, the layout… things are good. The one thing we’ve been having difficulty with, though, is getting anything around the place fixed.

We needed a place to live, so we took the apartment before all the repairs had been made from the prior tenant. No worry, our property manager told us she’d stop by to take care of the light fixture, broken window blind, and dead doorbell in the first week. Three weeks later, we decided to give a friendly reminder. Now, over a month and a half since we moved in, we’re just beginning to see some action. None of the repairs were essential, but it didn’t leave us with much confidence for if they had been. How about you? Does your landlord fix things quickly, or does it take a long time?

Image: Kier Duros