How Many Hours Have Been Spent Playing Halo?

How Many Hours Have Been Spent Playing Halo?

Taryn Williford
Mar 9, 2009

On February 28th, the billionth match of Halo 3 was played. A milestone for the four gamers who played it to be very proud of. But to really hammer it down and make live-in girlfriends everywhere cringe, Bungie decided to calculate exactly what the billionth game of Halo 3 means to the world—how many hours, total by everyone everywhere, have been spent playing Halo 3? Not any other video game or even any other incarnation of Halo. Take a guess then meet us after the jump for a little perspective that might make you re-think your priorities and shrink your screen time...

Total time spent playing Halo 3:
2,023,153,340,764 seconds

If a number in the trillions doesn't make you pause, realize that it means roughly 64,109 years of playtime. Years. 640 centuries. 6,400 decades. More than 800 times the average human lifespan.

To knock a little more perspective into you, Bungie notes that 64,000 years ago neanderthal walked the earth and modern man had yet to set foot in Asia.

It makes you want to get offline and spend a day at the park or something, doesn't it?

I don't play Halo, but I play a million online flash games and otherwise spend a ridiculous amount of time doing absolutely nothing but trying to explore the vast corners of the Web. So even though my contribution to that astounding two trillion second count rounds up to roughly zero, I'm still re-thinking my screen time. How about you?

[ Via Geekologie ][ Image via Commorancy@Flickr ]

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