How Many Times Does a Fellow Have to Return a Table?!?

How Many Times Does a Fellow Have to Return a Table?!?

Tess Wilson
Jun 21, 2015

Q: Hi there, I am an avid reader of Apartment Therapy and have a question for you. I purchased a lot of furniture from [redacted] and really enjoy the quality and prices for what you get, and I recently purchased their [redacted] dining table. The table had to be replaced 4 times already — first, one of the legs was scratched upon delivery, the following two tables had a dent in the same spot, and finally the last table has imperfections under the clear coat and a dented leg...

While the store manager was very friendly, she offered a refund or exchange for a different style. I honestly do not find any other style or size that I like, yet I am no longer offered an exchange for a table that is not damaged. I believe when you pay $1800 for a table, one expects it to be in undamaged condition, free of defects... What do you think I should do at this point? The only other table I lust over is the marble Saarinen; however, at 54-60 inch size (what I need), it's over double the cost. In fact, it's a little embarrassing having to constantly go back and call about something not being right. The imperfections are not in a conspicuous area, but it an area that is visible from my sofa nonetheless. Thanks dearly. -Sent by Paul

Editor: I removed the specifics from Paul's letter because 1) I'm sure many of us have faced similar situations at all different retailers, 2) I didn't want us to get bogged down focusing on one particular store/table, and 3) I didn't feel comfortable singling out a company when I haven't seen the damage myself. Of course I believe you, Paul! And if I ever purchase a $1,800 table, it should not only "be in undamaged condition, free of defects", it should be perfection in table form, nearly painful to look upon, that inspires awe in generations to come. Let's figure out how to help Paul get the table he deserves, and the transaction that he's satisfied with. Is the fifth time really the charm, should he splurge on the Saarinen, or what?

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