How Many TVs Are In Your Home? More Than You Think!

How Many TVs Are In Your Home? More Than You Think!

Jason Yang
Oct 20, 2011

Is there such a thing as too many televisions in the home? How many do you have? Think beyond the traditional television set and the answer may surprise you!

How many TVs is too many TVs? According to Nielson, there are an average 2.5 televisions per household. A whopping 31% of households have more than 4 television sets. Yet would you believe TV ownership is down for the first time in 20 years? In 2009 Nielson reported the average household having 2.86 television sets.

If you consider that more and more people are watching television not on a traditional TV set but also on their computers and mobile devices, that helps explain it. People may be buying less television sets because they're not watching TV on the TV anymore!

All these extra ways to watch television though aren't necessarily all for the better. For example, sleep issues associated with televisions in the bedroom have shown to be hazardous to our health. Not to mention the laptops, tablets, and smartphones that we bring to bed with us.

More screens also means we need more ways to get our content, and it all costs money - lots of it. We need a box for each television, streaming services and other devices to deliver our video fix. Tablets and smartphones need gobs of bandwidth to display content, further clogging up the data pipe.

So how many TVs are in your home? Did you answer 2 or 3? Think of your all your desktop computers and laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and the answer is a lot more than you previously thought - and it's costing you big in lots of ways.

How Many?

How Much?

Where Do You Do It?

In the Bedroom?

In the Bathroom?!?

(Sources: Nielson)

(Images: Nielson, Netflix, Flickr members bradley j licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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