AT Survey: How Much Do You Want?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We Americans have an obsession with size. If SUV’s, fast food combos, the popularity of Costco, and cosmetic surgery are any indicator, we like ’em big. Americans like to live large. Literally. Ask someone what the size of their ideal home would be, and many people will reply anywhere between a modest 800 sq. ft. to a palatial 10,000 sq. ft. We even once heard someone claim they absolutely needed 3500 sq. ft. for their family of three, lest they live like pauper sardines.

Most of my close friends rent and live in fairly modest sized homes and apartments. Many share spaces with roommates, partners, husbands/wives, wayward hobos, and such. Yet even those of us who choose to live in smaller spaces in urban, population-dense areas often dream of having “just a little more room”. Personally, I want a few more hundred square feet for a proper dining room and a larger kitchen (our kitchen accommodates only one person at a time), but we get by fine well enough. But who doesn’t want maybe just a smidgen more storage?

How much is enough? What would you consider sufficient: not an extravagant amount of living space, but enough that you’d feel like you have enough space for you, your partner/family, and your possessions? Any reasoning and opinions in specific are welcome too!