How Much Is Too Much On The Playstation?

How Much Is Too Much On The Playstation?

Kristen Lubbe
Jul 23, 2010

We have a Playstation 3 in our living room because it's the only room we have a television in. We recently wrote a post about putting a tv in our bedroom, but the large number of comments we received made us realize we should just keep the tech out of the bedroom. So, now that our one tv is going to continue to be our only tv &mdash we're figuring out how to juggle its multiple uses.

We use the PS3 to watch movies and play video games. Well, my SO plays the video games and depending on the game, I'll sit and watch (currently Red Dead Redemption is pretty interesting to watch, sometimes Modern Warfare 2).

We haven't made any sort of schedule, because we're just not that sort of couple &mdash but it's funny because he plays videogames around the same time each day. What makes that sort of unscheduled schedule so great is that, well, we don't have to make a schedule. I know when to expect him to play videogames so it doesn't ever interfere with whatever I want the television for.

We're extremely lucky because video game usage in our house is about 10 hours a week. But, we're curious about how other couples fair with video game consoles. What's the average usage in hours for your household and how much is too much?

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