How Often Do You Turn Off Your Computer?

How Often Do You Turn Off Your Computer?

Taryn Williford
Jul 22, 2011

Being constantly connected to our tech, some devices just stay on. Like our iPhone, for instance. Counting on it to wake us up in the morning, than be ready for calls and emails all day, means keeping it powered on 24 hours a day. We know folks who treat their computers the same way. How often do you power down your main machine?

For the better part of the day, our computer is on and sleeping. But we rarely shut it down completely. Just hitting the hot corner for sleep is much quicker, and leaves our main machine ready for us anytime we need it (without waiting for a boot up time).

But we're re-thinking our strategy after considering it's effect on our utility bill. Reader's Digest shows us that if we won't be using our machine for more than 2 hours, we should shut it down completely. Of course, you readers myth-busted RD's previous power-saving estimates in this post, so who knows what the real figures look like.

In any case, we know we could probably shave a bit off our power bill by shutting down the computer when we're headed for bed at the end of the night.

What about you? Do you shut down your computer when you hit the sheets? Does your machine stay on 24/7? Tell us in the comments!

(Images: Flickr member ┬║Daines licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member chrisjagers licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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