How Picky Should You Be About LCD Tech Specs?

How Picky Should You Be About LCD Tech Specs?

Taryn Williford
Nov 5, 2009

When you're shopping for a new LCD screen for the media room, you'll have numbers flying at you left and right. If you're the average consumer and have no idea what a pixel response time is, you'll probably just go for the latest, priciest model thinking that cost equals value. But if you consult this New York Times' article, that's not the best M.O....

The article, which you can read here, features the results of a study by Raymond M. Soneira, president of the DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, that found most of the "advanced" specifications that are touted highly on the stores helves don't actually mean you're getting a significantly better picture.

Buy an LCD TV with higher refresh rates, faster pixel response times, and more sophisticated motion enhancement technologies, and the only thing you're accomplishing is that you're emptying your bank account faster, thanks to those sets' higher prices. You're certainly not getting a better picture, according to Mr. Soneira.

So what should you go by when making your selection? The best idea is just to go after a time-tested reputable brand.

Via New York Times

(Image: Flickr user changeiam under license from Creative Commons.)

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