How Small Is Too Small? Do You Have a Limit?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s no surprise that smaller homes typically have a smaller environmental impact. As the wave of environmental awareness grows and continues to spread across the country, we’re all for the promotion of small space living to help things along, but we have to wonder… how small is too small?

It seems to be all the rage to live in the smallest space possible and that’s a badge of honor we’re more than willing to be on board with. Although small floor plans and the reduction of modern conveniences will have you coming in first place, we’re curious where your priorities lie.

Do you have to have a kitchen? What about a bedroom with walls? How small is too small in your book and at what point do you start living more out in the world and not doing small things at home to help lessen your footprint? If you don’t have room to can food or garden, even sew up some quick curtains, does your small space do you any good?

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