Bathroom Tricks For Those Hard To Reach Places

Bathroom Tricks For Those Hard To Reach Places

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 4, 2009

It's easy to talk about the simple ways to clean a bathroom; there are certain things that are fairly standard, but what about the things you didn't learn growing up? There are nooks and crannies you didn't know existed, until you're face to face with grime and gunk that came from you don't even want to know where! In part one of this two part posting, find out how to wash your shower curtain with ease, clean your shower head while you sleep and remove the old duck gripping decals from your shower floor with aluminum foil Click through to learn how easy it all can be!

Here's a few of the tricks that we use in our own bathrooms to keep things tidy! (P.S. Hell hath no furry like gripper rubber ducks stuck to your rental's tub floor! They seem almost impossible to remove)

How To Remove Stick On Gripper Decals: After moving into a few rentals with less than desirable decals stuck on the floor of our shower, we read up on the removal of such lovely items. After a few trial and errors we settled on one method that worked out perfectly! Simply tear off a piece of aluminum foil that's larger than the stuck on decal and place it on top, pressing it down firmly. Next, turn on your blow dryer (high heat) and aim it at the foil. We suggest using something with a long handle to hold the foil in place so you don't heat your fingers up in the process. Heat for 1 minute and then using something dull but firm (we used our Costco card, no razor blades please!) work the edge of the decal. If it's still not budging, reheat and it should start to peel. You might need to reheat as you peel, so have a little patience. It's worth it to not have ducks under your feet anymore! The decals can leave residue and if this is the case in your shower, try a little Vaseline rubbed on and then cleaned with soap and water.

How To Clean Your Plastic Shower Curtain Without A Mess: There are sprays and magic potions for cleaning soap and hard water residue off your shower curtain, although nothing is as simple as a quick go in the washing machine. It sounds silly, but it works like a champ! You will wash it through a full cycle (on warm, not hot) with 1 cup of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of your normal laundry detergent. When the cycle is finished, pull it out immediately and hang it back up to dry! Problem solved!

How To Clean Your Shower Head While Sleeping: Cleaning anything while you are sleeping is an awesome idea. Everyone loves to do something, while in fact doing nothing. All you need to do is fill a Ziploc (or other sturdy zip top bag) with straight white vinegar and tie it around your shower head. We found those really fat rubber bands to come in handy in this situation, although a quick wrap with electrical tape works as well. Catch some zzz's and remove the bag in the morning. Rinse your shower head clean, it might need a once over with a wash cloth in the process, but after that you can shower with shine again!

Stay tuned for more tips later on!
Do you have a bathroom trick that you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

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