How To: Add Pizzazz to Your Bedroom with Bedding

(Originally written for Budget Living as a part of their Decorating RX column, our tips get to live on here with the kind permission of the folks at BL. Pic: Chad Hunt)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Beefing up your bedding options is a fun and affordable way of adding pizzazz to you bedroom. The trick is to make sure that you keep it lively by mixing your colors and to gear your choices to the season you are in.

We first learned how to mix bedding by copying our favorite photographs in catalogs. If you notice, catalog stylists rarely make a bed in only one color way or even with one style of sheet. For stunning beds, they mix it up. Here is a simple guide.

There are three bedding elements: four pillow cases, two sheets and a duvet cover. To create a lively mix, spread a range of color through these areas:

1. Choose two colors in addition to white (which goes with everything). The bolder color is your “anchor” and the lighter is your “mid ground” color. Select warm colors for winter (reds, yellows, browns) and cool colors for summer (blues, grays, greens)
2. Use the anchor color in either the sheets or the duvet
3. Use the mid color in the remaining sheets or duvet and two pillows
4. Use white in the two remaining pillows

This recipe gives you a range of choice, but ensures that your room comes alive with color. Once you are comfortable, feel free to improvise. And don’t limit yourself to sheets and pillowcases. Introduce throw pillows and blankets to the bedding mix.

Choose bright varied colors and textures add even more pop to your bed.

A deeply colorful throw blanket and some small playful pillows will make the colors in your bedding pop even more.

Finally, spring is a good time to shop. This is when get colorful. Here are some good resources: