The DIY Solar Power LED Piggy Bank

The DIY Solar Power LED Piggy Bank

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 10, 2011

Why? Because adding LED lights and powering them from the sun is fun. When we first saw this project we thought it would make a great piggy bank for a child's room and it could also double as a night light. However, once we looked closer we noticed something about this project that might not make it ideal for a child...

Surprise, the eyes glow red! This means if your child is afraid of the dark, and that is the primary reason for the night light, this project from Instructables user JoshuaZimmerman is perhaps not the best idea. The cost for this project is less than $10 and it takes less than an hour to make.

To make this project you will need a piggy bank, 2 red LEDs, 2 100 ohm resistors (or 50 ohm works as well), 2 AAA or AA rechargeable batteries, a AAA or AA battery holder, a solar cell with a power greater than 4 volt, a blocking diode (1N914), a PNP transistor, a 5,000 ohm resistor, and wire.

While it might not be the right fit for a small child, we like the sense of humor in this little bank and that it uses solar powered LED lights. Come to think of it, this project could also make a pretty funny gift for the right Valentine.

For a complete detailed step by step guide, check out Instructables.

(Via Instructables)

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