How to Arrange Bedrooms for Couples with Different Sleep Schedules?

How to Arrange Bedrooms for Couples with Different Sleep Schedules?

Tess Wilson
Aug 29, 2015

Q: We have a very small bedroom (10'x15') that also contains our wardrobe. I sleep from 11pm-7am everyday and my husband is on a flight crew so he has different hours. He often goes to bed between 1-3am and wakes after noon if he can help it, or sometimes at 5am (with an obnoxious alarm snoozed at least 5 times) if he has a morning flight. And when I wake up in the morning, I have to tiptoe around the room to get my clothes or whatever I need in the dark so I don't wake him. I then change and do my makeup in the bathroom...

I believe many couples these days work on different schedules from each other and I was thinking if there was any way around it besides sleeping in separate rooms or separate beds. We don't have an extra bedroom or space for an extra bed. [I assume she and her husband occupy the main bedroom and the other two bedrooms on the floor plan are occupied. -Editor]

I was thinking a canopy-style bed with blackout curtains, so either of us can shut the curtains when we are awake and hopefully the fabric would muffle the noises a little, too. Or to create a sleeping nook in the bedroom and shut it off with blackout curtains. However, I am not keen on blocking out the natural light from the windows. Where should I place the nook or canopy bed so that I will not block the windows? As you can see, I'm not terribly good with ideas. Please help! We need a good night's rest! -Sent by Susan

Editor: I know Susan and her husband are not the only ones out there with a similar problem! What are the best arrangements, furnishings, and tricks to avoid waking your sweetly-sleeping partner in the morning? And what are the best ways to get the sleep you need despite your partner bashing about like a herd of elephants at an ungodly hour?

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