How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning

How to Avoid Hitting Snooze in the Morning

Range Govindan
Jan 13, 2012

We've probably all been guilty of pushing that infamous snooze button on our alarm clocks or cell phones when we shouldn't. Do it frequently enough and it can become almost an automatic reflex. Experience has taught me that while that extra 10 to 30 minutes might seem good, you'll definitely be more productive and relaxed by using that time to get stuff done. Here's how to avoid the snooze and lose pattern:

Positioning Your Cell Phone for Optimum Use of Vibration Alarms
If you're using your cell phone to wake up every morning, we've mentioned how to place it optimally so that you can train yourself how to get up using only a vibration-based alarm. While that's an admirable goal for some, for all of you deep sleepers, this might not work since you tend to need an audible alarm to get out of bed. We haven't experimented yet with vibrating alarms placed around our wrists while we sleep. Some people have commented that they can get uncomfortable during long periods, and since the Jawbone UP isn't really a recommended buy, we've stayed with using our cell phones.

Positioning Your Cell Phone to Avoid Snoozing
If you tend to use the snooze button a lot, or simply quickly reprogram another alarm for a later time, then this is the way to proceed in your case. Simply place the alarm clock or cell phone away from your bedside. Once you actually have to get up to change the settings or push the snooze button, you're much more awake than just grasping it from the warm comfort of your bed. I've found over the last few months that even if I get up to change the alarm, the actual actions involved tend to wake me up a lot more, meaning that once I get back to bed, I'm too awake to slumber again. In either case, it will get you out of bed, which is the goal.

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