5 Steps To Maintain Your Privacy Online

5 Steps To Maintain Your Privacy Online

Jason Yang
Jun 21, 2011

We've all done it - whether it's drunk texting or accidentally sending an e-mail we wish we could undo. Lucky for us, most of us aren't congressmen in a public position and the consequences are much less dire - say a slap in the face or hurt feelings for a week. Carefully follow our 5 step guide to protecting your privacy & security to avoid your own version of Anthony Weiner's online privacy debacle. We'd love to hear your tips and best practices as well!

1) Understand What Privacy Means Today: Stay informed and know what's going on and where you are vulnerable.

2) Don't Do It In The First Place: Don't broadcast your personal info!

3) Maintain Your Privacy Online: Secure your passwords, keep your browsing private.

4) Maintain Your Privacy In Real Life Shred sensitive documents, mask your voice, work in partitioned privacy, and secure your home and stuff.

5) Delete Your Cyber Identity: Get rid of your online self, remove your personal information from an old computer, and use fake identities in place of your real one.

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